Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

With a heritage rooted in systems engineering and integration, MacB is proud to be a fundamental leader in supporting our customers research and development needs. The company’s first assignment was to support research and development for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Since then, our engineering support has expanded to encompass the full range of research, development, test and evaluation required to support the acquisition of weapon systems for our nation’s military forces.

We support research and development (R&D) for AFRL and other defense R&D organizations. The work encompasses leading edge technology development in sensors, air vehicles, materials and manufacturing and other areas critical to providing future capabilities to the warfighter.

We provide modeling and simulation to examine the performance and value of new technologies and capabilities in realistic scenarios. This work helps to refine requirements for new systems and used to derive the most benefit from limited funding available for future military systems and capabilities.

As new systems enter development, acquisition and sustainment, we provide engineering support to program offices managing acquisition and the logistics centers sustaining them while they’re in the inventory. Our engineers have supported virtually every aircraft in the Air Force inventory, as well as many employed by the Army and Navy. Our talent encompasses every engineering discipline with a specific emphasis on Systems Engineering.