Employee Testimonials

I have watched MacB grow and change leadership over the past 10 years. It has always been a warm and flexible environment where I was encouraged to think and provide answers, and I felt as though I made a difference. When I started at MacB, I had no children. Now I have three. It was easy for me to realize and benefit from a work place that demonstrated “MacB values the family.”
–Senior IT Engineer, Dayton Ohio.

I worked for MacB in Huntsville, Alabama doing an extremely challenging role serving the Missile Defense Agency. The company made it easy for me to supplement my job with the tools needed to be successful. It made a difference with my customer, and I was able to succeed and shine. When my wife was offered a job opportunity in D.C., I asked to work remotely so that I could join her. MacB found a way to make arrangements for me. I couldn’t be happier, nor could I be working for a better company.
–Principal Engineer, Washington D.C.

I started at MacB as a co-op student. Now I am a senior network engineer, planning the design and integration of MacB’s remote site offices. Even when I was a student, I was measured and given responsibilities that challenged me, and made me want to do my best. Without a doubt, my friends are envious.
–Senior Network Engineer, Dayton Ohio.