Benjamin Hayden, University of Cincinnati

What is your title?
Engineer Intern

How did you first learn about MacB?
My Co-op advisor at UC.

What does a typical day at MacB look like?
For me, I get in and login into my computer and get started right away on my work. Eventually, I collaborate with other engineers and we work together to finish our projects.

What do you like most about MacB?
Everybody is very welcoming and friendly. They never mind if you ask a thousand questions.

How did your internship prepare you for your career?
It has given me an opportunity to see what the work environment is like and what I need in order to succeed in it when I start my career.

What advice do you have for prospect MacB interns?
Be open to any and everything and suck in as much information that you can.

Describe MacB in three words.
Fun, Meaningful, Exciting.

What’s next?
Continue to intern at MacB and figure out what specific field would best suit me.