Justin Mooney, Virginia Tech

What is your title?
Electrical Engineering Intern

How did you first learn about MacB?
My stepdad worked for them.

What does a typical day at MacB look like?
People keeping busy working on projects until they are complete; if they can’t make progress on one project then they’ll jump into another to not waste time and meet the deadline.

What do you like best about your job?
I really enjoyed working on specific projects. For one project, I had to code a dev board circuit, and I enjoyed learning the C language and finding how to make the circuit do what I wanted it to do. For another project, I made a PowerPoint of the cable harnesses which showed how each component attached to another, and then I soldered a proto board with appropriate components.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?
Being deeply involved in a project and helping build it then seeing it come to fruition and actually function correctly

What do you like most about MacB?
Everyone I worked with was very amicable and knowledgeable. They also were kind enough to lend a hand if I got stuck on a problem.

Describe MacB in three words.
Focused, committed, and high-quality 

How has/did your internship prepared you for your career?
– Allowed me to learn the art of sorting through data sheets to find relevant information
– Gave me valuable practice encoding dev board circuits and microcontrollers
– Supplied me with practical knowledge on how to document all parts of a
project such  as cable harnessing, board soldering, etc.
– Strengthened my soldering skills
– Enhanced my communication abilities by working in a team

What advice do you have for prospect MacB interns?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions because they are willing to help you. Furthermore, be willing to do any sort of job even if it isn’t what you necessarily like.

What’s Next?
Applying for jobs and sharing the experiences I’ve had at CTI!