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Command and Control Virtualization


The Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) vision aides a data centric Operational Facility for global reach back, distributed operations and as a data continuity of operations (COOP) location for Air Operation Centers (AOCs) worldwide. The AOC Weapon System (WS) Program Office has difficulty sustaining the AOC because the current legacy hardware and software systems are failing and software variants are unsustainable to meet dynamic mission requirements. A data center model leveraging virtualization of servers, data storages, client delivery mechanisms, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation has potential to form a bridge between legacy operating environments and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure.

Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC) believes these latest visualization capabilities are enablers for the AOC WS to “off ramp” the legacy path while assisting an “on ramp” to the SOA. Consolidating resource silos or stacks into dynamic resource pools facilitates an integrated approach to virtualization that simplifies management, reduces total investment and operating costs across server, network and storage infrastructure levels. Focused efforts to consolidate servers by a ratio of 10-to-1, eliminate 90 percent of network ports and cables, and use 50 percent less storage can result in significant savings in maintenance and physical hardware costs. This enabling capability could revolutionize the program office’s ability to better serve warfighter needs.

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