Defense System Technical Area Tasks (DS-TATs)

We are one of 12 prime contractors on the Defense System Technical Area Tasks (DS-TATs) Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Awarded on June 9, 2012, the five-year IDIQ is valued at up to $9 billion. The work will be done across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal organizations, agencies, industry and academia. MacB’s team includes 14 specialized subcontractors.

DS-TATs are under the direction of the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) and the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC), which acts as clearinghouse for expertise and assistance with technical challenges. The contract includes the following focus areas of interest:

    • Advanced Materials
    • Autonomous Systems
    • Directed Energy
    • Energetics
    • Military Sensing
    • Non-lethal Weapons and Information Operations
    • Reliability, Maintainability, Quality, and Interoperability
    • Survivability and Vulnerability
    • Weapon Systems

All products and services acquired under the IAC MAC IDIQ contracts are provided through award of task orders by the DTIC Contracting Flight, AFICA/KD at Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) in Nebraska.

Key Information:

1. Any government organization can coordinate a Statement of Work and fund its procurement through the 55CONS through task order competitions across all 12 primes. From initial contact to contract award is less than 180 days on average. The government vehicle fee is 1.52 percent; task order values are a minimum of $2,500 each, and a negotiable labor category and rate structure schedule per end customer definition unique to each task order.

2. All tasks must include an analysis requirement. Assistance with any/all phases of R&D efforts from initiation through operational prototyping, inclusive of transition into operations and maintenance (O&M), but of course not O&M itself. All TATs are categorized as “R&D” or “A&AS related to R&D”.

3. Government end customers (Requesting Authorities) play a vital, active and integrated role in all phases of task order procurement package development and source selection determination and award. DTIC and the Customer Cell follow through the entire procurement process in full partnership with and service to the Requesting Authority.

4. All DS-TAT team tasks additionally provide DTIC registered research and reference for extensive S&T information re-use for more efficient task order execution.

5. All TATs are competed across all prime teams, ensuring both competition and diversity for government procurements.

Contact Information (

Derek Maddox
Senior Director and Program Manager
4021 Executive Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45430

For more detailed information about the contract, or how to contract via DS-TAT, please visit the DTIC website here.