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The Journal of Electronic Defense (AOC) Magazine: Thinking Through Collaborative Electronic Warfare

Distinguished Consulting Scientist Dr. John Kosinski, with MacB’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG), has co-authored another Collaborative Electronic Warfare (EW) article for the November 2018 issue of the Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) magazine. JED is an official publication of the Association of Old Crows (AOC).

Below is an introduction to the third installment of a planned four-part series written with Dr. Phil Mumford from the Sensors Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).
Part 3 – Distributed Jammers and Array “Gain”
Dr. John A. Kosinski and Dr. Phil Mumford

Collaborative EW – multiple systems working together for increased effectiveness – is the way of the future. As we explore collaborative EW, we need to be careful in bounding expectations as to what can and cannot be achieved. The importance of this point cannot be understated as some simplistic views of collaborative EW are actually too implistic. In this article, we will clear up some misconceptions that might creep back into the envelope analyses. We will discuss some potentially confusing terms that are used with multiple meanings, and some aspects of arrays as necessary ground work for considering collaborative EW.

In our first installment, we established two important points:
a) Conservation of energy is absolute.
b) One cannot just use simple properties of idealized plane waves for “back-of-the-envelope” reasoning about complicated electromagnetic (EM) fields generated by multiple sources.

In our second installment, we established two additional points:
a) Antenna “gain” is not the same as the thing we call “gain” in any other part of an EW system.
b) Antenna “gain” does not increase the total power level of the propagating signal.

Click Here to read the full article in PDF format downloaded from the November issue of JED Magazine.