What We Do

Custom Flat Panel Antenna

We have the design, precision fabrication and materials experience essential to custom flat panel antenna development. By using custom fixturing and in-house laser etching equipment, the multilayer proximity-coupled elements are fabricated and the composite assembly is built quickly yet with tight positional tolerances, achieving broadband performance and accurate beam pointing. The 3D-printed polymer housing provides mounting features, recessed cable routing and the necessary structural support for stable frequency response, while enabling a rapid design-tune-optimize cycle.

Quick turn prototypes are facilitated using in-house engineering resources, labs and manufacturing. Design tools including Ansoft HFSS™ computer modeling are utilized to optimize antenna performance to exceed electrical and mechanical parameters.

Flat Panel Antenna

  • Custom designed in under five weeks from single patch reference design
  • Ultra-thin cross-section allows discreet placement
  • Excellent cross-polarization isolation
  • High gain (>15dBi)