What We Do

Data Delivery Technology (DDT)

We have developed new methods for data compression and handling that can be beneficial in any situation where data sets must be stored, transmitted or analyzed. This technology is particularly useful in constrained data environments including Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles or deployed Special Operations Forces where data storage, processing power and data link bandwidths are limited. Originally thought of as a compression algorithm, DDT is now being used as a compression algorithm pre-processor that will enhance the overall compression of the system while managing the fidelity of the data set.


  • Provides additional compression when used as a preprocessor with existing compression techniques
  • Adds no processing artifacts – it does not create false targets
  • Operates with extremely low compression processing overhead, not adding to the processing problem
  • Manages the entire data set by retaining the low-energy data signatures
  • Facilitates ‘spotlighting’ to allow a user selected area to be covered with more accuracy without requiring a resend of the entire image
  • Works with SAR, video, standard imagery, IR imagery, hyperspectral, recorded voice and random signals