What We Do


With top-secret level manufacturing and design facilities in Dayton and Northern Virginia, we are uniquely qualified to provide secure, rapid fabrication services for sensitive requirements. Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of developing the tools and systems used by intelligence and military personnel throughout the world.

We provide:

  • Physical reverse engineering, tailored inclusions and total device reproduction
  • Custom design and fabrication of OEM and legacy items
  • Natural Item replication: trees, limbs, rocks
  • Rapid Prototyping – in-house 3D Printing
  • Custom Wood and composite wood-like items
  • Structures with precisely controlled RF transparency
  • Comprehensive Machine Shop: Common structural and exotic metals, hard-tool mold making
  • Plastics Fabrication: Vacuum cast, pressure cast, injection molding, rotational molding
  • Composites: Including heat and ballistic protection

In addition, we have mastered the embedding of electronic circuits into almost any material or host device. Our polymer fabrication facilities utilize urethane vacuum casting, injection molding, pressure molding, rotocasting and can include composite layups. Utilizing a patent pending MacB-designed system and process, we offer the ability to fully embed electronic systems in rotationally molded parts. This facilitates deep sensor embedment in new materials and a virtually unlimited range of molded plastic items: military, industrial and commercial.

  • Fully encapsulated electronics, antennas and power supplies
  • Enables more sophisticated sensor and sensor-to-trigger solutions
  • Supports passive data collection / sensor systems
  • Replicates a huge variety of potential hosts
  • Durable in very harsh operating environements over long time periods