What We Do

Test and Evaluation

We support the test and evaluation of advanced weapons systems and subsystem in the following areas:

  • Test Methodologies. Develop and define test methodologies which support approved test objectives.
  • Test Planning. Develop the plans and procedures to meet the defined test objectives.
  • Test Design. Design the test scenarios, test matrices, test venues, and test scenarios so as to obtain the greatest value per test dollar invested.
  • Test Operations. Develop the integrated test execution schedules, checklists and plans for ensuring test success.
  • Test Integration and Execution. Validate and document final test configurations and setup before test execution; prepare reports and other specified mission support products.
  • Test Reviews and Validation. Assist with test design and test readiness reviews; prepare and execute executive orders for test.
  • Post-Test Analysis. Review test results and compare to pre-rest predictions to identify areas for further study and assessment.