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Jim Soos

Jim SoosSenior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Communications

James “Jim” Soos is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Communications for MacB. In this role, Mr. Soos helps shape the company’s strategic business objectives and oversee key corporate initiatives, including Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), strategic planning and investment management. Additionally, he is responsible for performing analysis on emerging market trends, new customers, business expansion opportunities, competitive threats and internal business standards and performance. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Business Development and Communications (CBD&C). In this capacity, he provided oversight for all marketing, business development, capture, proposal and communications efforts across the company. Soos led efforts for customer relationships, new market penetration and bidding strategies across a diverse customer community including DoD, the Intelligence Community and Federal Agencies.

Before becoming SVP for CBD&C, he was the Vice President of MacB’s Strategic Programs Group (SPG), a business development and capture organization responsible for the pursuit of large opportunities. As a member of SPG, he was responsible for the marketing, development and capture of strategic opportunities, maintaining interfaces with customers and industry partners, and coordinating trade show and expo participation for various events. He was also responsible for several large-scale ID/IQ wins as both a prime and sub-contractor.

Prior to joining MacB, Mr. Soos worked at Lockheed Martin and was responsible for business development and marketing across an $800 million operating unit. He was responsible for the direction and oversight of marketing, capture and proposal activities for eight operational directors and a business development staff of 25. He served as a member of the Professional Services ID/IQ IPT to bring together best practices across the ID/IQ community within Lockheed Martin.

Mr. Soos was previously the Vice President for The SYTEX Group, Inc. (TSGI), and earlier, one of its subsidiaries, Sytex Inc. He was responsible for business development and marketing policy and guidance across the operating units of TSGI. He was responsible for the direction and policy for marketing efforts including promotional items, trade shows, exhibits and advertising. In addition, he oversaw the identification, tracking, capture planning, business development and proposal initiatives for major enterprise efforts.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Soos developed cost and economic analyses, budgetary “what-if” drills, excursions, point papers on cost and acquisition issues, assistance for proposal evaluations, and the development of performance monitoring procedures and processes for a wide range of C4ISR systems and equipment.

Mr. Soos served on the GSA Industry Government Council sponsored by the GSA Management Services Center. He was very active in the Ft Monmouth AFCEA Chapter serving in roles of Finance and Symposium Exhibits receiving the AFCEA Meritorious Service award in 1995.

He has taken graduate coursework in Management from Fairleigh Dickenson University, Rutherford, NJ, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from George Washington University.