Who We Are

Mia Kerivan-O’Malley

Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Mia Kerivan-O’Malley is a Vice President and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Alion. As CAO, she oversees Information Technology (IT) enterprise operations and facilities management. She oversees the security, integrity and availability of enterprise applications and services, and is responsible for budgeting, technology infusion and improving operational performance across the organization. Focusing on business continuity, collaboration and web based services, and enterprise mobility, Ms. Kerivan-O’Malley’s responsibilities also include oversight and planning for the integration of group and subsidiary IT infrastructures.

Mia, an IT veteran with over 25 years of experience in enterprise IT operations and services, is experienced in policy development, strategic planning and has been a primary influence in determining strategies for cloud based offerings, web based services, virtualization and fault tolerant, core IT capabilities. She and her team provide specific solutions for various strategic initiatives across MacB.

Prior to becoming CAO, Mia was both IT Director and IT Manager for MacB. During her tenure she has played a fundamental role in building and establishing the IT growth and direction for MacB. She is experienced in domain level architecture and design; building corporate messaging capabilities, network planning, and technology management for MacB sites, businesses and subsidiaries.

Before joining MacB, Mia worked as both a Program Manager and a Software Development engineer for Applications Research Corporation. Ms. Kerivan-O’Malley has a Masters in Business (MBA) and a BS in Computer Science, both from the University of Dayton.