MacB’s Integrated Quality Management Solution


MacB is committed to mission success and ultimate customer satisfaction, providing products and services through its unique integrated approach to quality assurance. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certificates for Quality and IT Service Management Systems are complemented by a CMMI DEV Level 3 accreditation for software development and project management. Collectively, SEI, ITIL and internationally recognized best practices create a wholly integrated quality management solution.

Across all lines of business, Program Management Plans (PMPs) and Supplemental Quality Assurance Plans (SQAPs) are developed for every program, and tailored specifically, to ensure task order objectives are effectively and efficiently achieved. Continuous measurement, monitoring and analysis provide clear insight to current conditions and highlight emerging trends that could potentially affect product or service quality. To ensure the best results and full compliance, preventive action is planned, implemented and verified to ensure that any risks associated with potential adverse trends are mitigated and the program outcomes are achieved. This often results in both immediate and long term improvements that are institutionalized for the benefit of all MacB customers. Whenever necessary, in response to a noted incident of nonconformity, corrective action is taken based on thorough root cause analysis and correction to the problem, ensuring a closed-loop resolution.

The continuous exercise of MacB’s integrated quality management system establishes and evolves a culture of quality across the MacB enterprises. As a result, shared knowledge is widely deployed, based on lessons learned, best practices, risk assessment and mitigation, configuration and change management solutions. A knowledge base of both relevant and significant information is always accessible to help steer exceptional quality performance and delivery every time.

MPF - Integrated Quality Solution