We lead a team of diverse technical and engineering services companies capable of meeting the wide variety of assistance required by the U.S. Navy on the Seaport-e contract.

Our core business expertise focuses on the management and performance of system engineering and management projects closely related to all 22 of the functional areas specified in the Seaport Statement of Work (SOW).

MacB has provided engineering and management services for more than 39 years, and has years of experience in taking projects from a R&D concept through the engineering design process, to pre-production/production status and then providing installation, logistics, training, and provisioning aide for the system life cycle. The key discriminators that distinguish us include the following:

  • Proven capability to manage major ID/IQ contracts involving multi-company teams performing multiple task orders with diverse technical requirements.
  • As a SeaPort-e Prime, MacB offers exceptional technical capability with personnel resources and company experts that have years of experience across all technical areas required for the program.
  • A teaming strategy featuring a competent, highly-responsive team of primarily small businesses having capabilities across al the functional and technology areas relevant to SeaPort-e.

MacB has an exceptional Systems Engineering capability, and personnel that includes 50+ former government engineers (SES, GS 14/15 level) who have extensive experience on a wide range of weapons, naval, and avionics systems.