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MacB Employee Denee Vaughn Honored for Outstanding Work in Transitional Role

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB) recently honored employee Denee L. Vaughn with an exceptional performance award for her duties with MacB’s Mission Systems Group (MSG). Ms. Vaughn works as Personnel and Administrative Assistant for Project Management Terrestrial Sensors (PM TS Mission) at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax, Virginia.

Over a three-month period from March to May 2016, she stepped up to take on additional responsibilities when a valued team member left the organization. Supervisors credited Ms. Vaughn for her tenacity and willingness to learn new tasks in the interim role, in order to ensure that important deadlines were not overlooked during the department’s search for a replacement.

The most critical functions included management of a Major Events Calendar (MEC), as well as the preparation and compilation of slide desks from multiple sources for a weekly team call with PMs and TS Operations. Ms. Vaughn was responsible for coordinating team schedules, briefing notes, offsite activities, workflow tracking and big picture project management. Once slides were received from multiple sources, she converted PDF files to PowerPoint, and then integrated MEC Excel documents into PDFs. This involved a learning curve for Ms. Vaughn on various Microsoft programs, and management of a team workspace on SharePoint for all documentation. Additionally, she recognized the need for updating information on a video display system. Ms. Vaughn learned the technical aspects of updating and running videos by reading the manual and asking the right questions.

“When a valued team member leaves an organization, most managers learn fast that there are job duties no one thinks about until that person is gone,” said Troy Kohler, Vice President of Operations and Logistics for MacB’s Mission Systems Group (MSG). “Denee’s recognition and assumption of those duties is great example that managers can learn from and use for future training.”

When a new employee filled the role, Ms. Vaughn took it upon herself to train the new hire, all while demonstrating her trademark patience and resolve. She is a highly-valued team player at MacB who does what it takes to get the job done.