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WashingtonExec: Transform Your Career Through Relationships: 7 Tips From ‘Get Off the Bench’ Author Sid Fuchs

What does it take to propel your career? In a word: relationships.

Five years ago, Sid Fuchs published his first book, “Get Off the Bench: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Networking Through Relationships,” which explored the value of building and maintaining productive, trust-based relationships—and the role they play in career growth and fulfillment.

The official book launch, hosted by WashingtonExec, took place at the Tower Club in June 2012, and was attended by over 250 leaders from the public and private sectors.

Since then, Fuchs has been busy sharing the book’s timeless message with a wide variety of audiences, including universities, corporations, government agencies and networking organizations on how to build and maintain successful networks.

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