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Power Reaper

Many military operations occur in austere locations and rely on wireless secure communications networks. Defense, Intelligence and Special Operations forces rely heavily on batteries in remote locations to power their critical systems. MacB’s research into DC to DC conversion has resulted in patented energy harvesting capabilities that essentially double the efficiency of current autonomous battery recharging products. Power Reaper charges spare batteries by harvesting the energy difference between the temperature of a hydration pack, vehicle engine, MRE heater, etc. and the operating environment. The ability to recharge batteries in the field significantly reduces the number of batteries needed and increases room for mission essential equipment.

Power Reaper2

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  • Power Reaper advances the present state-of-the-art in DC to DC conversion and power management
  • Operates with mV range DC input voltages
  • Conversion efficiency is 92 percent vs. 50 percent industry standard
  • Controlled by a nano-powered microprocessor
  • U.S. Patent 2011/0254514 A1