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Special Operations

Who We Serve_Special Ops Forces

For more than 25 years, the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community has relied on MacB’s innovative and proven engineering and technical services to support its dynamic mission requirements. Our analysts, engineers, scientists and trainers have served and supported SOF’s unique role in protecting the nation from a growing and dynamic threat. From our offices in Tampa and Shalimar, Florida, to National Capital Headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, we are uniquely qualified to meet the SOF community’s current and future intelligence, operational and training needs.

MacB’s support to SOF, and other agencies, on the AFSOC PED and 513th MI contracts is indicative of our deep understanding through operational support of SOF’s requirements for Actionable Intelligence. We currently support SOF Task Forces 24x7x365 with our experts in the intelligence fields of GEOINT / MASINT / SIGINT and Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Management. Along with MacB’s engineering and algorithm development capabilities we provide high demand Intelligence support to the SOF community.

Operations support is the hallmark of MacB’s SOF support. This support includes, Special Tactics, Combined Arms Training and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training. Our renowned EW T&E and integrated reprogramming is well Documented in the SOF aviation community. MacB’s Modeling and Simulation expertise ties all operations support capabilities together ensuring SOF gets the best in industry.

MacB’s SOF plans and programs capabilities involve strategic planning and analytical support, combat search and rescue plans support, Electronic Warfare road mapping and gunship recapitalization and conversion. We have over 20 years of experience supporting the Joint Staff and GCCs staff in planning and program support.

MacB has years of experience supporting SOF, DoD and other agencies in the field of Information Operations. Our capabilities encompass the complete range of IO from EW planning and support to MILDEC and exploitation of enemy systems. MISO TA Analysis and Product Development is a particular area MacB is uniquely qualified, having supported SOF for many years. Our Computer Network Operations capabilities, with our IO-related Red Team and OPFOR Replication, make MacB a complete one stop teammate with the Government for the spectrum of IO.